Who is Binod, Why He is trending, now you Know

By Slayy Point is a YouTube channel. Makes fun of peculiar habits of people. Is roasted. Abhyudaya and Gautami arrive, asking logical questions in the matter of bin logic, they drag their legs very accurately. He made a video. Why the Indian comment section is garbage and told how people write anything in comments. A comment from one such man Binod Tharu showed that he wrote his own name Binod in the comment and 7 people came and even liked him and after that, he took the pleasure of that band. Shown how Binod will be the answer to everything.

The video went on, the attention of the people went to Binod’s binod_, and that comment box was also captured. Woke up from there, the whole YouTube was covered After which all the social media including Facebook-Twitter spread to the comment box. At present, the matter in the post, whether it is of Ram temple or in the comment of the Corona vaccine, appears to be just written in Binod_.


This is the story of that Binod_, which someone wrote in my comment box yesterday and I was left wondering why people are remembering Binod. Total deposit Binod_ is not a name thinking. It is synonymous with every person who writes Irilevant talk in the comment. The video of Slay Point, which came on July 15, is still cutting the Ghadar and has spread the name binod_ more than the coronavirus.

So much of the story you must have known by now, the fun is in the Binod, in its spread and expansion. Binod also got such a name because it became a local vocal, self-sufficient meme that brought a flood of native animals.

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