What is Full Form of CCTV

CCTV it is very Basic word that we use in our day to day life but we can’t remind that what is full form of cctv. you hera daily about cctv camera, you work under cctv survillance but our mind canot click us that what cctv stands for.

so Today in this post we are going to tell you what is the full form of cctv or you can say that cctv ka full form

full form of cctv

CCTV stands for full-form closed-circuit television. In easy language, we can call it a camera. It is a type of video camera. Another name is also Video Surveillance. Its job is to monitor and monitor activities. It is usually installed in banks, roads, airports, public transport, shops, or schools.

Its history is very old. In 1942 it was used for German rocket-launching inspection. After this, it started being used for security in banks and casinos. Gradually it became popular and used elsewhere.

They connect to a wire and that wire is connected through our laptop or computer. CCTV monitors all activities where we are not present all the time.
Presently, CCTV cameras have become popular in view of the increasing incidents. At present, CCTV cameras are installed in a small shop. This also helps the police greatly and has reduced the crime rate.
Where people are not able to monitor completely, it keeps an eye, which we can see anytime through a laptop or computer.

More about CCTV

The first CCTV was installed at Test Stand VII in Pinnimande, Germany. It was founded by Siemens AG. The technical design and installation of this system goes to Walter Bruch, a German engineer.

CCTV uses Wired or Wireless transmission to send or transmit signals to a signal or recording device. It can transmit video, audio or both, advanced CCTV cameras also have night vision capability to record low light images. The CCTV signal is not distributed publicly but is monitored for security purposes.

CCTV was invented by Walter Bruch in 1942. Friends, now you know that CCTV is used for surveillance, and this work is done for security purposes. CCTV is called Closed Circuit Television because it is not publicly distributed from videos recorded by CCTV cameras, it is used solely and only for security purposes and the videos are privately monitored.

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