Read Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

If necessary messages are accidentally deleted on WhatsApp, then recover complete chat in these smart ways (  read deleted messages on WhatsApp )

how to read deleted messages on whatsapp

 How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp – It is often seen that people accidentally delete their important messages on WhatsApp, due to which they face problems. However, we are telling you about some smart tips, from which your deleted chat can be recovered again.

Recover backup from Google Drive

If you want to recover deleted chats again, Google Drive can be an option. For this, users have to enter their mobile number and Google account.
Restore like this

 read deleted messages on whatsapp

Uninstall whatsapp app once then reinstall it
After this, open WhatsApp and verify your number
After this, the message to restore your chat from Google Drive will be seen.
If the restore process is completed, then click on Next, after which your chat will be recovered.
After the chat is restored, WhstsApp will start restoring your media file.
If you install WhatsApp without an earlier backup of Google Drive, WhatsApp will automatically restore your local backup file.
If you use local backup, then you will have to transfer your file to a new mobile using computer, file explorer or SD card.

Your phone keeps storing the local backup file over a week.
Local backup is automatically created every day at 2 am and is saved as a file in your phone.

Other important tips to restore backup

If you want to avoid restoring recent local data, then you have to follow these tips.
The file manager app has to be downloaded.
When the file manager app navigates to SD card, WhatsApp, Databases, the data will not be stored in the SD card( how to see deleted messages on WhatsApp ).

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how to see deleted messages on whatsapp
how to read deleted messages on whatsapp

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