Network Marketing and Earn Money through it

It is also called Multi Level Marketing. Network marketing is the fastest growing business worldwide. Network marketing is a tactic to deliver any service or product directly from the company to the consumer, in which the consumer connects directly with the company and purchases the product. Due to which the company gets some benefits to the consumer, which can include discounts on products, cashback, better products etc. There are generally 2 ways to sell any product or service: –
1.Traditional Marketing

  1. Network Marketing

(1) In Traditional Marketing, the company seeks the help of a large number of individuals, including distributors, wholesalers, agents, retailers, etc., to make the product accessible to the customer. And in this type of marketing, the company also invests a large part of its turnover in advertising, then the customer buys those products from the market.

(2) In Network Marketing, the company delivers its products and services directly to the customer. And in this marketing, customers are distributors who promote products and services. In which the company disburses a large part of its benefits (about 50% – 60%) to the customer and the customer gets an opportunity to earn an additional income.

network marketing

Benefits of Network Marketing Company:

1- This work can be started by applying for less money. It does not require large capital to start this work.

2- No money is spent on promoting in a network marketing company. Hence consumers / members get good products at low cost.

3 – Multi Level Marketing can also be done as part time in companies. You can do this in your free time and do another job during the day. Nowadays many people do this work part time and earn extra money.

4- You do not need an office to work in a network marketing company. You can start this work from your home. Thus you do not have to pay any rent for the office.

5- You do not have to hire employees to do this work. Any person can start this work without investing capital. As soon as you add members to the company, they become employees and whatever sales they do, you get their commission.

6- To start the work of Direct Marketing you do not have to take any fees or license. No money has to be spent. In this way even a poor person can start this work.

How to earn money from Network Marketing:

network marketing

1- Practical efficiency is required:
Behavioral skills are very important to build a network in a network marketing company. The art of making friends with new people should be in you. The more you have contact with people, the more you will be able to explain your plan to people and will be able to sell the plan. It is necessary to have an extroverted personality to do this work.

2 – The art of selling should be:
The work of direct marketing should have the art of selling within you. Some people have great ability to speak well. He also sells hair to the bald. Similarly, if you have the art of speaking and selling, then you will definitely succeed in work in Direct Marketing and can earn millions of rupees a month.

3- Chance to earn extra money due to pyramid system:
Network marketing companies have a Pyramid System. One person connects three members. Then those 3 members add the other three members. Once you have added a member and in future, you get a part of whatever sale you make as commission. This way you can earn extra commission.

4- Build customer confidence:
To get success in Network Marketing it is necessary to win the trust of the customer here. Develop Trust Whenever you explain your plan, do not lie. Do not make false promises. All the plans should be told with the right honesty only then the customer will believe in you and gradually you will get success in network marketing.

5- Be patient for success:
Like every task, you also need patience in the work of direct marketing, usually it takes 3 to 4 years to get success in this work, after that your money keeps increasing continuously, the members you add to the network will be in future. You also get commission on sales too

6- Make friends and relatives as members:
You can be successful in network marketing at any time when you make your network bigger. For this you can make your friends a member. Members of the household such as brother, sister, brother-in-law, mother, father can also be made members. You can also enroll your distant relatives. Also your friends. You can make members and earn money by telling people of the neighborhood and people of your life a plan.

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