How to Start a YouTube Channel and Earn Money

how to start a youtube channel – Youtube is the world’s largest Video Sharing Platform on which anyone can upload a video by creating their own YouTube channel and its most important thing is that you can reduce it even less, that is also a reality in millions.

Today every Smartphone user spends a lot of time watching online videos on Youtube because today the internet is cheaper and its speed has increased, that is why the number of people uploading videos has also increased by making Youtube channel.

Youtube is not only the world’s largest video sharing platform but it is also the world’s second largest search engine. Where every day millions of people search for the information they need.

In such a situation, if you have some knowledge that you want to share with the whole world, then you can do this by creating a YouTube channel and you can earn money instead.

What is youtube channel

how to start youtube channel

Youtube is Google’s service that Google bought in 2006. It is also a Social Networking website on which you can only upload videos. For this, you have to create an account on Youtube which is called the Youtube channel.

Those who create videos to upload videos to Youtube are called Youtuber. Creating a channel on YouTube is absolutely free, for this you do not have to spend any money but it is very important to have a Gmail account. With the help of which you can create a youtube channel(how to start a youtube channel, how to start a youtube channel).

How to create a YouTube Channel and Earn Money

You can use mobile and computer to create YouTube channel. But if you want to create a professional YouTube channel then for this you will need a laptop or computer. If you have it, then follow the steps given by us

Step- 1
Go to first

Step- 2
As soon as you go to youtube, you will see the Sign in button in the corner, click on it

Step- 3
After this you login with your Gmail Account

Step- 4
As soon as you login in it, according to your Gmail id and Google+ profile, the Youtube Channel Name is filled up. If you want to create a Youtube channel with the same name, then click on “Create Channel” will become your channel.

Step- 5
If you want to name your YouTube channel something else, then click on “Use a business or other name”

Step- 6
Now enter your favorite YouTube channel name and click on create a channel

so now your youtube channel created and upload your content and start earning money through YouTube

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