How to increase YouTube subscribers, Views and Likes

How to increase YouTube subscribers – Youtube is the world’s largest video uploading website on which thousands of video uploads take place every day. On which any user can upload his video by creating his own YouTube channel and Google gives money on your YouTube views. But to increase views on Youtube, we have to increase the Subscriber on our Youtube Channel.

That is why we are going to inform How to increase YouTube subscribers. With the help of which you can increase your Youtube Subscriber number very easily.

How to increase YouTube subscribers

Today I will tell you 5 tricks in this post. Due to which you can increase your Youtube Subscriber very easily. So this post youtube subscriber must read till Kaise badhaye Last.

You can increase Youtube Channel’s Subscriber very easily by these methods we have given to increase Subscriber on YouTube channel.

1. Using Comments

This is the easiest and best way to increase your Subscriber. If Subscriber is not increasing on your videos too, then you must try these tricks. For this, you have to subscribe to one other YouTube channel. Which is related to your channel, as if your channel is from Tech, then you should also find a channel of Tech on which more visitors come.

After that, whenever the video is uploaded on that channel, you have to comment on it. Comment You have to write about your channel. With which people will know that your channel is also related to it and people will visit your channel.

If they like your video too, they will definitely subscribe to you Which can increase your Subscriber very easily. This trick will work 100% and your Subscriber will also increase soon. But you have to keep in mind that you only comment on 8-10 channels a day. So let’s move to other tricks.

2. Using Social Media

So friends, this is another way to increase Subscriber by using which you can increase Subscriber very easily. You have to create an account on your Facebook first. After creating an account, you have to add new freinds on it and people who will become your freind ask them to subscribe to your channel.

If he can become your friend then you will definitely subscribe to your channel and you will get a new subscriber. All you have to do is add new friends and ask them to subscribe.

3. High Quality Content

You must have seen that there is something new in the videos of the big Youtuberas who get some new information. So you can also make something that the viewers do not subscribe without subscribing to your channel.
If you want the views on your videos to increase your subscribers, then first of all pay attention to the content of the video, you create some attractive content that will help the viewer get some help, they will get some new information to learn something and yes Do not copy others and do not upload any content.

4. Focus on Title, Description, and Tags

title, Description, And Tag These 3 things are more important in your videos, which help to reach your videos logo. Keep the title of your videos something that people can get excited to read by reading videos.
You should come to optimize the title of your video and also keep in mind that your title should be related to the content of your video or else no one will subscribe to your channel.
Description And Tag This is also necessary for the video, which helps more in reaching your video logo, which increases your views and subscribers.

5. Attractive Thumbnail

YouTube gives you the option to keep your video’s custom Thumbnail, which you can take advantage of by making your own Thumbnail on the video more attractive.
Make Thumbnail of your video related to the content of your video and make some Thumbnail that by watching it people want to watch your video and watch the entire video, after watching the whole video your channel will not go without subscribing, so your subscribers will keep on increasing.

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