Dual WhatsApp – How to run two WhatsApp accounts on one phone

Dual WhatsApp – Do you know that you can also set up two WhatsApp accounts in your phone and use both accounts from the same phone?

Barring a premium smartphone like iPhone, Google Pixel, every smartphone sold in India has a dual SIM feature. Now when you use a phone with two SIMs, you will probably be making phone calls from both your numbers. You can also send messages from both the numbers. By the way, generally you will not setup two WhatsApp accounts. But do you know that you can also setup two WhatsApp accounts and use both accounts from the same phone? If you have a question about setting up two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone, then this dilemma will be overcome by this article. There are different ways to do this. Some smartphones have a two-account feature inbuilt. You may have to install a third-party app. But using two WhatsApp accounts from one Android phone is very easy. If you have an iPhone, you only have the option to have an account.

It is so clear that to use two WhatsApp on the same phone, you will need two sim phones. Because WhatsApp identifies you by phone number. Identity is established only through SMS or call, that is, a phone with two SIM cards is required only. If you have a dual sim phone, first check the settings. It is possible that the smartphone company has already given an option in Dual WhatsApp or Settings(dual WhatsApp, dual WhatsApp account, how to use two Whatsapp in one mobile, how to install two WhatsApp, two WhatsApp account on one phone).

How to setup Dual WhatsApp

Many Chinese companies allow you to clone apps that can be used in dual SIM setup. For example, Honor’s EMUI skin features an app twin. In Xiaomi phones, it is known as dual apps. Vivo calls it App Clone and Oppo has named it Clone App. The setup of this feature is slightly different in every company’s phone. In such a situation, you will want to know the details of your handset. But we have first mentioned the arrangement given in the handset of the popular brand. If your phone does not have this feature, then you have another solution which we have mentioned in the end.(dual whatsapp)

If you have phones from Oppo, Xiaomi, Honor …

If you have a handset of any of these brands, then you will have to implement a very easy process. First of all, install WhatsApp on your phone through Google Play. After this, you can do the cloning of this app from the phone’s settings.

This is the detailed way of running two WhatsApp accounts on Xiaomi phone … (same way in the phone of Oppo and Honor)

  1. After installing WhatsApp, go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Dual Apps. In Honor’s phone, it got the name of the app Twin and in Oppo the clone app.
  3. After this you will be able to see the list of apps that work with this feature. The edge is toggled. Turn on the toggle in front of the app to be cloned.

is that all. You are ready to use two WhatsApp accounts. This is slightly different in Vivo’s phone. First we will mention it. After this, we will tell about setting up another WhatsApp account.

dual whatsapp

Use this method in Vivo phone …

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Then scroll down and tap App Clone.
  3. After this, toggle the display the clone button enabled.
  4. Now install WhatsApp via Google in your phone.
  5. When you hold down any app icon for a long time, you will see a small ‘x’ symbol to remove apps. But in select apps like WhatsApp, you will also see a small ‘+’ sign.
  6. Then tap on the + sign and clone WhatsApp.

Now your phone has two copies of the WhatsApp account. After that, you have to

Setting up Dual WhatsApp

Setting up another WhatsApp account is very easy, just like the first one. If you have any question in your mind, the answer will be found in the instructions given below.

  1. Run another WhatsApp.
  2. On the next page, tap on Agree and Continue.
  3. After this, if you want, you can approve WhatsApp contacts and files. For this, tap on Continue. If you want, you can also tap on Not now.
  4. Now you have to verify your phone number. This is the most important job. First of all, enter the number which is of the second SIM card. If you enter the primary number, then WhatsApp access will shift from one app to another.
  5. After typing the number, tap on Next. Then confirm the number and tap OK.
  6. Whatsapp will now send the verification code to check your number. If you gave permissions to the app, then the message will be read automatically. If not, type the verification code. If you have not received the SMS, you can also tap on the call button on the screen.

done. Now two WhatsApp accounts are ready to use in your phone. You will be able to send and receive messages from both the numbers. Maybe you want to keep a professional and personal WhatsApp account separately.

You can also use your phone twitter or Facebook app by following the above instructions.

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