Driving Licence: All Details About driving license(DL)

Driving Licence : Most people think that without the help of an agent, we cannot get a driving license, but it is not so. If a person adopts the right procedure for obtaining a license and has all the necessary papers available, then the person can get his license made on his own. That too without the help of any agent, and without giving extra money to anyone. To get the driving license, you must have both a copy of the documents and an original one. And to get the license, the applicant also has to apply for the learning license test, and must also clear it.

Now we see how to get a driving license without the help of any agent. The most important thing is that without the help of an agent, we can not only get the driving license for Rs 360 but if we get it with the help of the agent, then it can cost between Rs 1000 to 1500.

Types of driving licence in India

Various driving licenses are awarded to Indian applicants depending on the class of vehicle. Apart from this, the eligibility criteria are different for driving license related to different vehicle classes. Below are some popular vehicle classes, for which a driving license can be obtained in India.

Motorcycle with an engine capacity of 50 cc or less
Gears motorcycles, motorcycles with a capacity of more than 50 cc, light motor vehicles including cars.
All types of motorcycles including gears motorcycles.
Motorcycle of any cc but without gear like scooters and mopeds.
Light motor vehicles for non-transportation purposes.
Light automotive for commercial purposes.
Heavy motor vehicle
Heavy goods motor vehicles
Candidates with heavy vehicle driving license can apply for a heavy trailer license.

Driving Licence
Driving Licence

Driving licence eligibility in India

The eligibility for a driving license in India depends on the class of a vehicle and the type of driving license. The following are the eligibility criteria for different permanent driving license types in India –

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S.No. Types of Permanent Driving License Eligibility Criteria

  1. Motorcycle without gear (with capacity up to 50 cc) The applicant must be 16 years old and if he is 18 years of age, he should have the consent of parents or guardians.
  2. Motorcycle applicants with gear must be at least 18 years old.
  3. Commercial heavy vehicles or transport vehicle applicants should be of class VIII. Applicants must be at least 18 years old (minimum age is 20 years in some states)
  4. General Requirements Applicants should be familiar with traffic rules and regulations. Applicant should have valid age proof and address proof documents.
    Driving license documents required in India

Documents Required for Driving Licence

Age proof (any one of the following)
Birth certificate
Pan Card
10th-grade mark sheet
Transfer certificate of any school in which date of birth is written.
Proof of address for driving license (any one of the following)
Passport, Aadhaar Card, Own Own Home Agreement, Electricity Bill (issued in the name of applicant), LIC Bond, Voter ID Card, Ration Card etc. for a permanent address.
Anyone for the temporary address, rent contract and electricity bill or rent contract and LPG bill etc.
Apart from all these, the following documents
Duly filled application form (To get the driving license application form, visit the nearest RTO or download it from your state’s online portal.)
6 passport size photos (when applying for learning license)
1 passport size photo (while applying for permanent driving license)
Application fee
If you are living in another city, then as a current address proof, you can present a rent agreement with a recent utility bill copy, it can be gas bill or electricity bill.
Medical Certificate – Form 1A and 1 which are to be issued by a certified government doctor.
For all Swedes over the age of 40, a medical certificate is mandatory.
Driving license format in India

There is a format of driving license in India. With the help of the following examples, we are demonstrating this format –

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Suppose you live in Bangalore, and you have a vehicle whose license plate number is suppose to be KA-01–2015-004557.

The first two letters indicate the KA state where the vehicle is registered. Karnataka is in the above example.
01 is the city code. Different cities have different codes.
2015 is the year when the license was printed and given to the user.
After this, the given digits create a unique identification number for the user.
Driving licenses are provided in such formats in India.

How to apply for driving licence online (driving license apply online in India)

Following is the procedure to apply online for learning license or driving license-

Visit the Sarathi website and then download the driving license application form from there.
Fill whatever information you have asked to fill in the form on your screen and submit it.
In the case of younger applicants, the form can be printed and filled and signed by the parent / guardian at the nearest RTO of Part D.
Upload the documents to be submitted for the application form (proof of age, proof of address and number of learning license).
After presenting all this, a web application Numwar will be created, which can be used to check the status of the application.
Once the application process is complete, a notification will be sent via SMS.
How to apply for driving license

The driving license can be obtained as follows –

To get a driving license, the first thing is to get a learning license. To get the learning license, you have to apply in Form 1 and Form 2 according to the Motor Driving Vehicle Act.
For this, you have to verify your date of birth and address proof. Documents like passport, Aadhaar card, LIC policy etc. can be accepted for this. Keep in mind, ration cards, bank state ment, mobile bills, credit card statements, etc. cannot be used for verification.
It is also mandatory for you to have your photo for learning license, and keep in mind that whatever document you are giving, it should be with you in the original form.
When you complete these formalities, you should visit the RTO of your city.
The form should be filled carefully, then the RTO should get its documents verified.
An RTO officer verifies your documents, and then you have to pay 60 rupees, which is the fee for your test and learning license.
When you deposit the fee, your biometric record is taken. For this, your photo and your thumb impression are also taken with the help of webcam.
When all this process is done, then you have to go for the learning license test. In this, 10 questions related to road sign are asked.
Now you have to fill all the information in the register, and now you have to submit your form.
After clearing the test, you can get your learning license on the given date.
Learning license is not a final driving license. People holding learning licenses have to write L in front and back of their car in big axes. And it is also important that when a person with a learning license is driving, then a person with a final driving license is with him. This learning license is for 6 months only. Within these 6 months you have to get the final driving license. If it does not, then you have to renew your learning license by paying Rs. 30. If this license is not renewed on time, then you have to apply for a learning license again.

With the learning license, those people also return your Form 1, Form 2 and all your documents. You have to give this document in your permanent license.

How to apply for permanent license (Apply for Final driving license)

You can apply for permanent driving license after 1 month of receiving the learning license. For this, you have to apply for Form 4, and also have to give Form 1 and 2 and learning license. When you are ready to give driving test, then you have to fill this form with a fee of Rs 300. You have to pay additional 300 rupees for every additional class, which is 3 wheel, 4 wheel, LMV, HMV etc. When you submit the form, you have to go for a driving test.

Some things to keep in mind while driving test

You must have your own vehicle, RTO does not provide any vehicle for the test.
You have to write your vehicle registration number and model number of the vehicle above the form.
The officer can ask you the road side and safety questions. Should be prepared for this.
You should have the vehicle you are applying for.
When you clear the test, you should meet a designated officer. You should keep Forms 1, 2 and 4 together when you get it. And the officer who takes the test on these should be signed. After checking these forms, the designated officer signs it. A copy of this should be deposited at the counter, and then you get your driving license through speed post at your home.

When driving licence is lost

All drivers need a driving licence while driving. You are not allowed to drive a vehicle without this document. In such a situation, if you lose your driving licence, then it is very important to make a duplicate. For this, follow the procedure

Go to the jurisdiction of the area where you have lost your driving license, ie the police station.
File a complaint here and make sure you get a copy of your First Information Report (FIR).
To get an affidavit on printed paper go to the notary office, go there and make an affidavit which will act as a certificate that you had sworn to the concerned officer (Executive Magistrate / Notary Public / First Class Judicial Magistrate) Your license has been lost.
You will also have to pay a small fee for notary service and stamped paper.

International Driving Permit in India (IDP in India)

An Indian resident who has been issued an International Driving License holds a valid Indian driving license. An International Driving Permit (IDP) allows an Indian citizen to drive a motor vehicle abroad. The IDP has a multiple language translation of the driving license and is passport-like in appearance. However, the process of obtaining an IDP varies from state to state. Contact the nearest RTO or your state transport department to know the complete application process and list of required documents.

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